Prošlogodišnji pobjednik ATP Croatia Open Umag turnira Alexandr Dolgopolov odgovorio je danas na neka od vaših pitanja putem live chata!

Ovo su neki od odgovora:

SEEKER: Nekad si bio hit među tenisačima zbog svoje igre i raznolikih rješenja, ali sad više pažnje privlačiš frizurom. Da li bi se ošišao u zamjenu za Top 10? (once you were a hit among players because of your game and solutions but now you attract more attention with your hairstyle. Would you cut your hair in exchange for a Top 10 position?)
DOLGO: I would easily cut my hair if that would help get me in Top 10 position.. :) (Rado bi se ošišao ako bi mi to pomoglo da uđem u Top 10 :) )

LUKA: Who is your favourite chair umpire?
DOLGO: don't have one.

LUKA: Favourite tennis shot?
DOLGO: drop shot

MARK: What was your most embarrassing moment on and off the court?
DOLGO: once I was running for a drop shot, I couldn't keep my balance and fell over the net... but mostly, I never get embarresed with anything and I usually laugh about it

DRAGANA: Who would you consider your best friend on tour?
DOLGO: all the Russian speaking players

BOB: What was the biggest lie you ever told a journalist?
DOLGO: I see no sense in lying.. I don't have much things that interest journalists to lie to them

ANNA: I heard you're playing a match this evening at 8 against hostesses, who do you think will win? Will you let the prettiest one win?
DOLGO: Are you the prettiest one writing? :)

DRAGAN: I have read that you're making internet games. Where can i find your games?
DOLGO: I used to do that but no more time left for that now...

DRAGAN: What was the worst excuse you ever had for missing a practice session?
DOLGO: Playing computer games with my friends :)

ALMA BASIC: Hi Alexandr! Do you think you can win and this year at ATP Umag? Greettings from Rijeka,Croatia! ;)
DOLGO: I think I have good chances, if I perform well and some luck... Greetings to Rijeka!!

IAM: Good luck,Dolgo)
DOLGO: thank you!

LIZA: Why do you like Umag? Do you have fans there?
DOLGO: first of all, the matches start late :) and the people are friendly and it's a nice place for a vacation so the atmosphere is good... yes, after winning last year and a lot of Russian people...

LISA: do you use internet? for what? any social network you prefer?
DOLGO: yes I do, to chat with friends... I use many social networks including some Russian ones

IME: koju boju voliš? (your favorite color?)
DOLGO: crnu (black)