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Tournament history - 2019 - Photos

22/07/19 Dušan Lajović wins 30th Plava Laguna Croatia Open in Umag 21/07/19 DJ Mike Candys puts on a memorable show once again 21/07/19 Kozlović’s aged malvasia enters final of the ATP of the Year competition 20/07/19 Sensational performance by DJ Gianluca Vacchi in Umag followed by his 13 million followers 20/07/19 NBA star Luka Dončić arrives at 30th Plava Laguna Croatia Open Umag 19/07/19 One of the most famous sporting trophies, weighing over 100 kilos, exhibited at the tournament in Umag 19/07/19 Borna Devald comes as guest on the Kids’ Week’s last day 19/07/19 PHOTO: Global party animal Salvatore Ganacci puts on a show at the Dance Arena 19/07/19 Novacco’s 2018 sauvignon blanc is the fourth finalist of the ATP Wine of the Year competition 18/07/19 Kids’ Week: Young tennis players to take a photo with Goran Ivanišević as a memento of their time in Umag 18/07/19 First-rate exhibition match in Umag: Ivanišević beats Rafter once again after 18 years 18/07/19 Kabola Winery boasts the best merlot 17/07/19 Draws for Umag Stars Open ITF and Wheelchair Tennis Croatia Open Umag by HEP held 17/07/19 Kids’ Week: Children play a match against Bedene and wish him a happy birthday 17/07/19 Popular Queen Real Tribute Band brings Dance Arena to their feet 16/07/19 Kappi aged teran enters ATP Wine of the Year final 16/07/19 Kalender and Šančić set this year’s record in tennis on water 16/07/19 Patrick Rafter arrived in Umag 16/07/19 Kids’ Week: Brkić and Pavić share valuable advice on tennis with the children 16/07/19 Fantastic Bedene upsets defending champion in first round 15/07/19 Tomaz Winery’s fresh malvasia becomes first finalist of the wine tasting events 15/07/19 PHOTO: Tennis players use warm afternoon in Umag to go jet skiing 15/07/19 As many as 20 consecutive shots exchanged by Horvat and Moutet in SUP(er) Tennis 15/07/19 Kids’ Week: Serdarušić cheers up young tennis players 15/07/19 Thirtieth anniversary of the Plava Laguna Croatia Open Umag marked by huge celebration in Umag 14/07/19 Sinner and Travaglia show off excellent gaming skills at the ATP Mario Kart Championship 14/07/19 Prpić beats Ivanišević in a replay of the first final of the ATP tournament in Umag 26/02/19 Wimbledon final rematch between Goran Ivanisevic and Patrick Rafter to be held in Umag
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