'The central court atmosphere and the views of the sea and the beach are just phenomenal. I was in Monaco, where they have something similar but, personally, I prefer the tournament in Umag. The stadium isn’t as big and is much more intimate. The atmosphere is much better, and the lighting and the acoustics are excellent', Feđa explained, adding that one of his favorite moments in Umag was the exhibition with the Wimbledon champions as Goran Ivanišević is one of his biggest tennis role models.

'I was a bit luckier than others so I was sitting close to the players. It was incredible to be that close to some of the greatest players in the world. I’ll remember that forever', Feđa said and added that, alongside tennis, he also enjoyed Istria’s cuisine and wines, which he believes are best in the world.

'I truly enjoyed the tournament, the gourmet offer and the many different music performances. I also took a lot of photos and everyone can see them on my Instagram profile @felecool. Hopefully, I will be back and visits to the tournament in Umag will become one of my better traditions', Šalihbašić concluded.