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Party Nights

Although Umag has been on the world tennis chart since 1990, the entertainment program and musical performances on the tournament have never failed. Music has timidly passed trough and became an important part of the Umag program. We remember many tournament opening concerts with performances of the most famous regional stars of all genres, from Gibonni, Balašević, to Severina, Monserrat Caballe and Toni Cetinski Opera performance, as well as Boško Petrović Jazz is back! Festival.

Numerous international stars have appeared on the Umag stage: Freemasons, Patric la Funk, Estelle, Eddie Thoneick, Gabrielle, Thomas Gold, Bob Sinclaire, Tony Junior. As the music nights became longer and longer, since 2012, the music program in Umag got its own name - Party Nights program.

Note, there are no entrance tickets for all concerts and entertainment events in the zone.

Party Nights program 2019.:

● 13.7.2019. : Tony Cetinski

● 16.7.2019. : Queen Real Tribute band

● 17.7.2019. : W&W

● 18.7.2019. : Salvatore Ganacci

● 19.7.2019. : Gianluca Vacchi

● 20.7.2019. : Mike Candys

Daily programm for 2019 can be seen here. Start of the Umag Party Nights program, from 15 to 21 July, is dependable on the tennis matches finish, therefore in that period, all concerts will not start before 11,30h pm (at least).


Currently, one of the most popular Croatian artists, Tony Cetinski, is coming to Umag on July 13th!

After the exhibition match Prpić - Ivanišević, the party moves to Dance Arena where an opening concert will be held by one of the most famous Istrian artists, Tony Cetinski. It will not be Toni's first concert in Umag, but without any doubt, all visitors will have a real musical spectacle and good party all night long with Tony's all-time hits.

"...Umag and ATP are special stories, unique, I would say a very inspirational atmosphere. Each time I performed was special in its own way and each of my concerts remained in memory, as a turning point at a given moment. Still, the concert "The Best of Us - Tony and Friends" in Umag, where Tose performed, will always have a special significance. Now I'm preparing for Umag a good and high-quality sound and light with good fun. The most important thing is to have fun, and my band and I will give our maximum. It's well known that I like to surprise the audience, so expect unexpectedly and prepare your voices!... "(T.C.2019.).

For more information on Tony Cetinski, go to the official page.

The concert starts at 11.00 p.m.
Free entrance.

Photo credits: Paolo Gentilini



On July 16, the most famous European Queen Real Tribute band is coming to Umag & Dance Arena!

More than a hundred concerts abroad confirm that the boys from this Belgrade tribute band are true Queen fans. Whether you are a longtime fan of Queen or have just fallen in love with the band last year after the famous "Bohemian Rapsody", we are confident that you will enjoy this concert!

During the performance, the band takes note of every detail in their performance, so you'll think that you've traveled through the time in the 1980s, and the unique Freddie Mercury is just in front of you, and Brian May is on the guitar.

More information on Queen Real Tribute can be found here.

The concert starts not before 23.30 p.m.
Free entrance.

Photo credits: Nikola Mažibrada


On 17th July Umag audience will be danced away by W&W!

The famous duo W&W may be for the first time in Umag, but not in Croatia! Although they have had many concerts throughout Croatia, we are confident that their best performance in Croatia will be in Umag! This Dutch duo is composed of Willem van Hanegem and Ward van der Harst, who together dominate the progressive house scene!

"We are watching sports, mostly football, but we certainly love tennis, we do not have a certain favorite tennis player, but we like to watch the matches if we play guys like Djokovic, Nadal, and Federer. The food is absolutely amazing, the best seafood you will ever find! The people are very friendly and nature is probably the most beautiful in Europe. We have performed at the Ultra Music Festival several times, and at Papaya Club in Novalja we have been at least 6 years in a row, and we visited the incredible city of Dubrovnik! "(W & W, 2019)

The concert will not start before 11.30 p.m.
Free entrance.


We are confident that Salvatore Ganacci will prepare one of the best parties in Umag on the 18th of July!

This famous DJ comes to Umag and prepares the sensational performance!

For more information about Salvatore Ganacci, go to the official website.

The concert starts not before 23.30 p.m. 
Free entrance.


On July 19, the incredible Gianluca Vacchi is coming to Umag & Dance Arena! 

His quirky dress sense combined with his passion for music will undoubtedly capture the attention of his crowd during his DJ sets. Whether he’s in a sharp suit or in his impressive array of pajamas, he always looks the part. Look out Umag party people, he will make the show happen!

"...I’ve never played in Croatia before, so I'm really excited for the show at Umag and Papaya this summer. I am expecting a high-energy and I can’t wait to party with the Croatian crowd. Playing at parties doesn’t really feel like working to me because I really enjoy it. That’s why one of my mottos in life is “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life...". (G.V. 2019)

More information on Gianluca can be found here. 

The concert will not start before 11.30 p.m.
Free entrance.



On 21st July Top DJ, Mike Candys will perform in Umag!

Mike Candys is one of the top 10 musicians on many European dance charts, with his famous mix One Night in Ibiza. 

"My summer tour is completely booked, I will play in all the beautiful places on European beaches. In Umag I will play a typical Mike Candys set, where I mix all the hits with EDM, Basshouse, Bounce beats. And definitely, you will hear all the greatest hits. I have already been in Umag on holiday, I like a glass of red wine, and I was told that you have great awarded wines, so I have to try them!".(M.C. 2019)

Official page Mike Candys.

The concert will not start before 11.30 p.m.
Free entrance.

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