Wine tasting events The Hidden charms of Istrian wines have been created in 2012 as a result of a very satisfying collaboration with the highest wine authorities of Istria, Vinistra, and Croatian Sommelier Club. Till now, on the Umag wine tastings, we have tasted more than 130 wines from 27 superb Istrian wine cellars.

The one-hour wine tasting will present wine themes, from young Malvasia to aged Teran, winemakers are presenting through their wines the qualities of Istrian autochthonous wine varieties. The tasting participants will be provided with expert assistance from a sommelier who will familiarize them with the professional world of wine tasting. 

As a part of each tasting, the participants will grade, through the customized professional evaluating method, the texture, fragrance, and taste of the wines, choosing daily winners of each wine theme, and ultimately the winning, best-rated ATP wine.

Guests can reserve their seats at the cash registers in the Taste Istria zone or in the ATP shop (when making reservations, please leave your contact details and do not reserve more than 4 seats at once). Guests who have registered to participate in the tastings, please come to the zone 15 minutes before the start of the tastings to take your seats. Please note that the program is in Croatian.


Wine tasting program 2022 :

Monday, July 25 - fresh Malvasia

Tuesday, July 26 - aged Teran

Wednesday, July 27 - Sparkling wines

Thursday, July 28 - black Cuvee

Friday, July 29 - aged Malvasia

Saturday, July 30 - Grand Finale

Sunday, July 31 - the proclamation of ATP wine 2022