Legal Notices and Privacy Policy

Documents published on may not be copied unless the copies are used for non - commercial and personal use. In addition to the above mentioned restriction, copying is permitted only with the quotation of all reserved remarks and warnings of copyright, remarks on other ownership of any type, and all restrictions from responsibility as listed on this webpage. Any type of copying, reproduction or distribution of information contained within this website is permitted only with the prior explicit consent of ISTRA D.M.C. d.o.o.

ISTRA D.M.C. d.o.o. shall make all necessary efforts in order to ensure that the information on this website is accurate an up - to - date, but gives no guarantee in the respect of their accuracy or timeliness. All users of website agree with the fact that they personally take upon themselves all risks concerning the use of the contents of this website. ISTRA D.M.C. d.o.o. hereby is excluded from any responsibility for any direct or indirect damages in accured or which could be incurred from the accessing, use or inability to use as well as for any errors or in the content of information on this website. ISTRA D.M.C. d.o.o. reserves the right to make any changes to the content of this website, at any time and for any reason, without prior announcement, and is excluded from any responsibility for possible consequences of such changes.
This website includes information of third parties and links to other internet sites over which ISTRA D.M.C. d.o.o. can't take any responsibility. Such information is appropriately marked, and indicated the right of ownership by the third parties where we considered this to be necessary and where this was possible to note. ISTRA D.M.C. d.o.o. can make no guarantees in terms of the accuracy or any other characteristics of that information and takes no responsibility for that information.
All images and informations contained within this website are objects of copyright in accordance with the relevant Croatin laws.

The personal data of our visitors

ISTRA D.M.C. d.o.o. respects the privacy of its visitors. All personal data and e - mails collected trough the forms are considered to be confidential information and trade secrets (DMC list).
We primarily collect personal data in order to: give the most efficient answer to your enquiry, ensure the delivery of required services described under Content privacy policy, for you to enter into our system of prize contests, to promote our services, for our internal statistical data processing. Those personal data will be processed and used to satisfy your requests for information and they shall be used in order for us to better understand your needs. In this regard, we reserve the right to use your personal information to get in touch with you using those contacts that you've made available.
ISTRA D.M.C. d.o.o. guarantees that the provided information will be used only for the purposes covered by this privacy policy.

Contents of Privacy Policy

Your e-mail address and remaining information will not be sold, leased or made available to any third party without your consent.
This restriction does not apply to the Istraturist Umag d.d. which we, as the founder and sole member of ISTRA D.M.C. d.o.o., forward your information to their processing and use here in the listed purposes (CRM list) to give you information on catering, sports, entertainment, cuisine and cultural offerings of the Group, unless you expressly deny. ISTRA D.M.C. d.o.o. holds to a very strict "no spam" policy. We ask for your special permission if you want to contact us concerning special offers and deals. Istraturist Umag d.d. will not be responsible for accidental errors or errors due to a force majeure or other reasonable circumstances causing an accidental data protection breach, but we guarantee that the error will be corrected, if possible, as soon as possible.

Duration of privacy protection

At the time of submitting your information, you consent to contact you and enter our mailing list (DMC list and CRM list) - the moment of entry is your express consent to contact. The protection of the privacy of your data lasts indefinitely. You may ask for the removal of your name from our mailing list at any time. After that the data is no longer used by ISTRA D.M.C. d.o.o., except for internal purposes, for informatics or statistical data processing. For all other issues regarding privacy protection the provisions of the Croatian legislation on protection of personal data are applied.

Change of data

You may contact us at any time to tell us if you have changed your e-mail address or other personal information based on which we are able to contact you. Until the moment you do that, your current data in our database is used for the mentioned purposes.

Your consent

By filling in the forms on website, you guarantee that the information you provide is accurate and that you fully agree with the provisions of our privacy policy. Also, by filling out this form you agree to have given their consent for the use of your personal information in the manner and for the purposes mentioned in this document. In the event that you do not wish to give this consent, you must promptly deliver us a written notification. The same effect of the above approvals has the delivery of modified and/or amended privacy policy on your address, if you don't let us know that you deny those approvals within 8 days from the delivery date.


In the case of changes to our privacy policy, all changes will be posted on this site and the updated privacy policy will be delivered to your address in a way that otherwise we send you notifications. These changes will also apply to our mutual relationship as if they existed prior to your entry in our mailing list, if they are in accordance with the Croatian regulations.

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