The three of them are candidates for the Next Gen ATP Finals, which will debut in Milan, Italy, in November. Using the traditional season-ending top-eight competition as their model, the ATP decided to organize a similar competition for tennis players aged 23 and under.

“I believe it’s a good thing and can give us additional motivation all through the year. Milan will be an opportunity for us to show and prove ourselves among our peers on the big stage”, Polmans explained.

Special rules will apply for the Next Gen Finals: first to four games sets, and no lets or advantage scoring (the next player to win a point wins the game). Plus, a shot clock will be used in between points to ensure that the time between the end of one point and the time the ball is served for the next point does not exceed 20 seconds.

“It will be interesting to see all that. Well, perhaps not so much for me as I like to take time between points”, Borna Ćorić added.

As part of this promotion focusing on young players, the Grand Stand Court has been renamed to Next Gen Arena to fit the occasion.