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Party Nights

Although Umag has been on the world tennis chart since 1990, the entertainment program and musical performances on the tournament have never failed. Music has timidly passed trough and became an important part of the Umag program. We remember many tournament opening concerts with performances of the most famous regional stars of all genres, from Gibonni, Balašević, to Severina, Monserrat Caballe and Toni Cetinski Opera performance, as well as Boško Petrović Jazz is back! Festival.

Numerous international stars have appeared on the Umag stage: Freemasons, Patric la Funk, Estelle, Eddie Thoneick, Gabrielle, Thomas Gold, Bob Sinclaire, Tony Junior. As the music nights became longer and longer, since 2012, the music program in Umag got its own name - Party Nights program.

Note, there are no entrance tickets for all concerts and entertainment events in the zone.

Daily programm for 2018 can be seen here. Start of the Umag Party Nights program, from 16 to 22 July, is dependable on the tennis matches finish, therefore in that period, all concerts will not start before 11,30h (at least).


Petar Grašo is coming to Umag on 14th July!

Grašo has been on the music scene for many years now and is currently top Croatian singer and the best proof of his popularity are many music awards and numerous sold out concerts in Zagreb, Split and abroad.

"...I am looking forward to the concert in Umag, we are preparing a rich production and a huge concert. Same as in the whole auditory tour, which started from Zagreb Arena, we are preparing the program which is the hightlight of all the hits over the past 20 years which marked some of the most important moments of my life and the lives of my audience. It will be ''The greates hits night'', songs which all can sing such as Moje Zlato, Uvik isti, Volim i postojim, '92 , Ko nam brani. The most important thing for me is that people walk out happy after the concert because they had great time. Beacuse of the fantastic atmosphere from the last concert I like to say that I have the best audience in the world...". (P.G.; 2018.)

Further info about Petar Grašo can be found on official page.

Concert starts at 11.00 p.m.
Entrance is free of charge.


Mambo Kings will dance away Umag's Dance arena on 15th July!

Rus, Bart, Vasko and Mare are very famous names to all who love great party. A dynamic and entertaining band from Slovenia has already performed at Umag tournament in 2016 and thrilled the numerous audience. They play entertaining music from Croatia, Slovenia and other neighbouring countries.

More information on Mambo Kings can be found here.

Concert starts at 10.00 p.m.
Entrance is free of charge.


Celebrate the 40th anniversary of music career  of  Prljavo kazalište Proslavite on 16th July in Umag!

One of the longest-running band  from the domestic rock scene, with currently sold out concerts in the USA, marks the 40th anniversary of their music career. The audience will have the chance to to sing with the famous Prljavci in Umag to their timeless hits such as  Marina, Crno Bijeli svijet, Heroj ulice and Što sad ljubav ima s time.

More information on Prljavo kazalište can be found here

Concert will not start before 11.30 p.m.
Entrance is free of charge.


A sensational concert of music collaboration between Jelena Rozga and Željko Samardžić awaits for you in Umag on 17th July!

"2 years ago I held a concert in Umag, at the ATP tournamnet, which is the concert I fondly remember, therefore I am looking forward to this concert even more. I am sure that this concert will be excellent as well and that we will all have a lot of fun together and I will definitely give my best to make it fun. I would love to stay in Umag as a tournament guest for a few days, however my obligations have not let do so, but maybe I manage to stay a bit longer at this tournament". (J.Rozga, 2018.)

"In Umag we will play most of our songs from album Mila, which I am very proud of and consider it my most mature edition until now, and all my old old hits such as Stari lav, Ljubavnik, 9000. We will have enough material for a great singing evenenig and party. Umag is a wonderful city, which I have not had the chance to visit yet so I am looking forward to that visit. I have also never been to ATP in Umag and since I love tennis so much, I used to watch it on TV, and this will be my chance to see a good tennis match live. Tennis is my favourite sport, during Grand Slam I am nailed to TV. Due to Australian Open I practically change day for night and function according to their time and I rarely miss anything, especially when the big players such as Federer, Djoković, Nadal and Ćilić play".(Ž.Samardžić, 2018.)

Official page Jelena Rozga.

Official page Željko Samardžić.

Concert will not start before 11.30 p.m.
Entrance is free of charge.




Before the main performer DJ Timmi Trumpet, JAMirko will be performing for you in Umag! 

JAMirko is one of the most acknowledged DJs in the region. For more than 20 years as a musician/DJ/producer, he contributed an important part to the promotion of the clubbing culture in Slovenia and beyond. For years now he has successfully been shaping disco formats combining genre classics and fresh cuts into an explosive disco inferno.

JAMirkoSESSIONS is a multi musicians DJ band, performing in a unique “band over DJ” style.

"...A special ATP Triglav SUPer Disco set will be a treat for both the fans of 70s and 80s Disco classics and all those craving fresh dancefloor sounds. Specially for this occasion, the 'Disco Hits vs. New Disco Beats' will be spiced up with VJ Rasta’s live visuals and roller skating performance by Esemes girls...". (JAMirko,2018)

On stage: DJ JAMirko, turntables & MPC, / daMARiS, vocals / Murat, MC-beatbox / Bass Brass Trio,(Jaka Birsa, sax / Gašper Selko, trumpet / Tomy Farkaš, trombone & bass) / VJ Rasta, live vizuals / ESEMES, roller skating girls.

Concert will not start before 11.30 p.m. 
Entrance is free of charge.


The top DJ Timmy Trumpet awaits for you in Umag on 18th July!

Timmy Trumpet, DJ, producer and live instrumentalist, is undoubtedly one of the most unique performers currently ranked in the DJ Mag Top 100.

" I have played before in Croatia, but I have never been to Umag. I remember spending most of my time in the sea. That salt water is medicine! Can’t wait to be back. Such a beautiful country. I actually love tennis. I used to watch the Australian open every year on TV - Roger Federer is the boss. I have never seen a professional tennis tournament live, but I’ve always wanted to. Maybe this visit to Umag will be the right time to do it. (T.Trumpet, 2018.)".

More information on Timmy Trumpet can be found here.

Concert will not start before 11.30 p.m.
Entrance is free of charge.


The top DJ Quintino awaits for you in Umag on 19th July!

As DJ and producer he became famous with only 18, and together with DJ Tiesto made anthem for the leading and most popular festival of electronic music, the famous Ultra Music Festival.

More information on Quintino can be found here.

Concert will not start before 11.30 p.m.
Entrance is free of charge.


The top DJ Michael Feiner awaits for you in Umag on 20th July!

He heats the famous DJ stage by the sounds of saxophone which he perfectly fits into the club music performance, and with his famous single Mantra, he achieved the spport of international DJ scene and great clubbing names such Axwell & Ingross, Bob Sinclar and many others.

More information on Michael Feiner can be found here.

Concert will not start before 11.30 p.m.
Entrance is free of charge.


On 21st July two Top DJs Mike Candys & Rudeejay will perform in Umag!

Mike Candys is one of the top 10 musicians on many European dance charts, with his famous mix One Night in Ibiza. Rudeejay's remixes have over several million views on YouTube, and his unstoppable success keeps rising each day.

"My summer tour is completely booked, I will play in all the beautiful places on European beaches. In Umag I will play a typical Mike Candys set, where I mix all the hits with EDM, Basshouse, Bounce beats. And definitely, you will hear all the greatest hits. I have already been in Umag on holiday, I like a glass of red wine, and I was told that you have great awarded wines, so i have to try them!".(M.Candy, 2018)

"I performed several times in Croatia, but never in Umag! As a child, I was a real tennis fan and I played tennis. Of course I am a wine lover – I am Italian! I heard you have some internationally famous wines, I will investigate that when I come !".(R.2018)

Official page Mike Candys.

Official page Rudeejay.

Concert will not start before 11.30 p.m.
Entrance is free of charge.


On 22nd July Umag audience will be danced away by Goran Griff and Zucchero Celebration band!

Goran Griff, a famous Istrian songwriter, guitarist and saxophonist, has been on the music scene for more than 30 years, and in the past he used to collaborate with many famous musicians from Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and Austria. It will be his 18th times to perform What a wonderful world at closing ceremony of Umag tournament.

His performance will continue even after the foreworks, when Griff & Zucchero Celebration Bend concert will start – a band known for music interpretations of a famous international singer Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari. Griff's Celebration band sounds almost exactly as  Zucchero himself, not only with his musical talent but also with his performance.

Concert will not start before 11.30 p.m.
Entrance is free of charge.

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