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Istria Gourmet Festival

With its quarter of a century long tradition, the importance that Umag tournament has for the destination is indisputable. For eight years, the Istria Gourmet Festival completes Umag tennis event featuring selected guest partners among Istrian restaurants, winemakers and olive growers.

For entertainment after tennis in the festival zone, the choice is not easy, from fine dining ambiance of Istrian Gourmet Restaurant with a selected gourmet offer, alongside the modern vision of traditional Istrian cuisine specialties in Naša kužina, till relaxed ambiance of Taste Istria, a rich wine & gourmet area offering over 30 tasting points. Taste Istria zone, is the place where popular wine tastings The hidden charms of Istrian wines take place each year, as well as presenting other wine & gourmet regional projects.

More information soon, about the novelties we are preparing for the 2018 in the tournament gourmet offer.

Restoran info

Istria Gourmet Restoran by Zigante tartufi

For forth year in the row, in a specialy designed milieu, Istria Gourmet Restaurant will present Zigante Restaurant, one of the Croatian restaurants featured as a raccommandation in the Michelin gude 2017.

Restorant Zigante has a long tradition of preparing dishes with Istrian truffles, professionally prepared by Chef Damir Modrušan.

Opening hours: 13.-22.7.2018. (Fri-Sun), 18.00-02.00h
Obligatory reservation for 20.-22.7.2018.

Download the 2017 Menu

Tel. +385 (0)52 664-302
Mob. +385 (0)91 4 777 410

Chef Damir Modrušan

"Truffles, top quality ingredients recognizable in region of Istria and Livade, will be presented through the variations of black truffles. Looking forward to the tennis atmosphere of Umag, we welcome esteemed guests, hoping you will find something exquisit in our Menu. See you!".

Menu Royal Prestige

Five exquisite meat courses

Menu Gold

Five exquisite fish courses

Specialty "Zigante boškarin burger"

Naša kužina

Naša kužina by LF Restoran

In the restaurant Naša kužina, for the forth year, a modern interpretation of Istrian dishes will be represented by a superb catering service of LF Restaurant, known to Istrian public through simple creativity of Chef Robert Perić.

The features of LF Restaurant gastronomy include traditional selection of products, handled with modern technologies in food preparation and serving.

Opening hours: 13.-22.7.2018. (Friday-Sunday), 12.00-02.00h
Obligatory reservation for 20.-22.7.2018.

Velka Šuran
Phone: 099 5999 585

Chef Robert Perić

"Istria is undoubtedly the brightest star of Croatian gastronomy,and Umag is a place where gastronomy in 10 tournament days shines in full glory.We have a great responsibility & obligation to present all the potentials of local products in creative and innovative LF team`s Menu, with dose of charm and enjoyment. See you!"

Meat tasting Menu

Three exquisite meat courses

Fish tasting Menu

Three exquisite fish courses

Special offer - Tapas menu

Taste Istria


In the casual area with tasting points, along with the music of evergreen hits, taste the famous Istrian specialties.

  • 30 tasting points: selected Istrian wines, top Istrian sparkling wines, truffles, Istrian prosciutto and cheese, the offer of selected brandies and boškarin (Istrian ox) along with numerous local specialties
  • awarded wineries in 2017 on the list of Decanter and IWC in Taste Istria zone: Benvenuti, Degrassi, Fakin, Franković, Kozlović, Matošević, Misal, Tomaz, Veralda, Vina Istria.
  • coupons for tasting of wines and delicacies
  • branded glasses for rent within the zone

2018 brings novelties in the traditionaly, most visited gourmet tournament zone, more information soon.

Working Hours: 13.-22.7.2018. (Friday-Sunday), 19.00-04.00h

Taste Istria 2016.
Taste Istria 2015.
Taste Istria 2014.
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Hidden charms of Istrian wine

Wine tasting events The Hidden charms of Istrian wines have been created in 2012 as a result of a very satisfiing colaboration with highest wine authorities of Istria, Vinistra and Croatian Sommelier Club. Till wine tastings in 2018, on the Umag wine tastings we have tasted 116 wines from 27 superb Istrian wine cellars.

The one-hour wine tasting will present wine themes, from young Malvasia to aged Teran, winemakers are presenting through their wines the qualities of Istrian autochthonous wine varieties. The tasting participants will be provided an expert assistance by Emil Perdec, a sommelier from the Croatian Sommelier Club, who will familiarize them with the professional world of wine tasting. A casual atmosphere will be kept by the moderator, Antonija Mandić. As a part of each tasting, the participants will grade, through customized professional evaluating method, the texture, fragrance and taste of the wines, choosing daily winners of each wine theme, and ultimately the winning, best rated ATP wine.

Tastings will be held each day 16-21 July 2018 at Taste Istria zone (from 9p.m.).

Untill the new program is published, check out the program 2017 .

ATP wine 2017

Fresh Malvasia 2016, Franković

Josip Franković

ATP wine 2016

Barbarossa 2015., Tomaz

Klaudio Tomaz

ATP wine 2015

Teran 2010., Kabola

Marino Markežić

ATP wine 2014

Malvazija 2013., Cattunar

Franko Cattunar

ATP wine 2013

Rose 2012., Veralda

Luciano Visintin

ATP wine 2012

Grand teran 2008., Coronica

Moreno Coronica



Novelty in the Istria Gourmet Festival programm - Liquor tastings by Badel

Traditional wine tastings Hidden charms of Istrian wines, have been expanded with liquor tastings organized in the cooperation with Croatian known liquor producer Badel.  

After finishing the wine tastings, around 10pm, on the same location in Taste Istria zone, everyone is invited for the tasting of liquors based on three themes:

  • Tequila, Wednesday 19.7.
  • Japanese Whiskey, Thursday 20.7.
  • Rhum, Saturday 22.7.

Note : there is no admission fee to tastings, the program of tasting is in Croatian language. The reservations can be made at the entrance of the zone each day starting from 15 July until all the seats are reserved, and one person can reserve maximum 4 places at each tasting. We kindly ask the guests to arrive 15min prior the tasting, in order to take their seats for the tasting.

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Relying on the highly acclaimed wine tastings The Hidden charms of Istrian Wines, in cooperation with the Croatian Sommelier Club, for the selected wine audience, the Masterclass tastings of Istrian wines and brandy with guest world wine experts has been organized.

At the Masterclass 2015. Istrian wines were tasted by Paolo Basso, the world's best sommelier in 2013, and Giuseppe Vaccarini, a longtime ASI president (Association de la Sommellerie Internationale) and author of numerous sommelier manuals, tasted Istrian brandy in 2016. The leading Croatian sommelier Daniela Kramarić, presented her selection of Malvazija wines of different years, stylistics and areas, on a Masterclass tasting in 2016.

The Masterclass in 2017 offered us a look at the wine themes through the eyes of Suwi Zlatic, the best sommelier of Austria for the period 2014-2017, ambassador du champagne 2016., Vineus sommelier for 2016, and one of the best European experts for Sake. The theme of Masterclass in 2017 was the comparison of Istrian and Austrian wines, opening up the doors to a wine world beyond the Istrian region.


Masterclass 2017
Istrian vs. Austrian wines, Suwi Zlatic
Masterclass 2016
About Istrian grappa, Giuseppe Vaccarini
Masterclass 2016
The world of Malvasia, Daniela Kramarić
Masterclass 2015
About Malvasia & Teran, Paolo Basso